Charlotte Clowes
textile artist

About Charlotte Clowes

Charlotte Clowes is primarily a decorative artist, who makes vibrant and unusual textile works, which appear to be two dimensional, but have textural and sculptural qualities. Her subject matter is mostly fruit and flowers, either in the more traditional still life form, or as textile images, breaking up and putting together sections of pattern.

First impressions of her work are the rich colours such as pinks, oranges, and yellows, but closer viewing reveal the texture of the process she has developed. Charlotte has been experimenting with a unique papermaking technique comprised of dyed cotton fibres, built up in collage form, glued, and sculpted whilst wet.

Charlotte sketches directly from flowers in her own garden, and in botanic gardens. She has been influenced by the work of some famous French colourist artists such as Dufy, in the way she lets the colour bleed out, the form not contained within the outline; the sumptuous colour and bold design of Matisse, Bonnard, and Woolf; the neo Gothic lines and imposing design of Pugin.

She works from a studio at home.